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Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies (Limited Edition) (W/Signed Postcard)

CD/DVD £12.99

Release Date: 26/02/2016

Discs: 2

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Limited Edition DigiPak incl. Bonus DVD (NTSC, Region Code 0)

The ten numbers on the album present Magnum from their most rocking side again. The epicentre of this soundquake features, along with frontman Bob Catleys charismatic voice, Clarkins awesome riff and lead guitar which provides the all-important
substructure to the songs. Courtesy of his driving style, Sacred Blood Divine Lies counts without a doubt among the groups most dynamic releases.


DigiPak CD+DVD:
01) Sacred Blood, Divine Lies 6:41
02) Crazy Old Mothers 5:48
03) Gypsy Queen 4:29
04) Princess in Rags (The Cult) 5:27
05) Your Dreams Won‘t Die 5:25
06) Afraid of the Night 4:32
07) A Forgotten Conversation 4:56
08) Quiet Rhapsody 5:40
09) Twelve Men Wise and Just 6:18
10) Don‘t Cry Baby 5:05


Bonus Videos
1. Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies 6:41
2. Crazy Old Mothers 5:48

Bonus Audio Tracks
1. Phantom Of Paradise Circus 5:54
2. Don`t Grow Up 4:47
3. No God Or Saviour 5:53